Cassie Cruz - mofos girl
Cassie Cruz
How she was found/recruited:

We first found this hot Latina chick in a video a dude sent us of his birthday party. She said she was going to take a nap and came out dressed like a ho and ready to do a strip tease. Let the dude film it too. Happy birthday to us!

Age: 24
Ethnicity: Latina
Bra size: 32A
Height: 5'4
Weight: 105
Fav position: Wheelbarrow

Cassie Cruz

Cassie Cruz - Moving is HARD!
Me and my girl are moving outta the house and I felt that I should capture footage of the place before we leave. But of course Cassie always knows how to make the best of every sad occasion by fucking me in the moving truck.

Brunette, Latina, Petite

94 %
341348 views - 8 years ago
Cassie Cruz - Look What I Got 4 my B.Day
My girlfriend surprised me for my birthday. She pole danced for me; the way she moved made me wanna fuck the shit outta her. This footage is my gift to u fuckers!!

Brunette, Latina, Petite

94 %
853547 views - 9 years ago
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