Indigo August - mofos girl
Indigo August
How she was found/recruited:

We found this chick in a video some bros sent us that they took of her blowing some dude in his car. After the dude getting blown drove away, they picked her up and brought her to a hotel room for some more fun. This chick is a serious pro.

Age: 28
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bra size: 32C
Height: 5'3
Weight: 99
Fav position: Reverse Cowgirl

Indigo August

Indigo August - Tattooed Wife with Natural Tits
Indigo August didn't suspect a thing when she found her man jerkin' it on the bed, so she did what she always does when she sees a dick. Pulling down her g-string, this hot blonde straddled her husband, and road him til he came on her natural tits!

Blonde, Caucasian, Medium Skin

91 %
134903 views - 3 years ago
Indigo August - Indigo's Double Penetration
Seems like some dick named Adam was stupid enough to cheat on the sexiest, freakiest lady alive, Indigo. And as a little present she decided to film a nice DP of epic proportions with he friend Trixie behind the camera. Good for Indigo ;)

Blonde, Caucasian, Medium Skin

95 %
263951 views - 7 years ago
Indigo August - Where Should I Put My Next Tattoo?
My girlfriend wanted to get a new tattoo and needed a little help choosing where she wanted to put it. She was thinking between her tits, which isn't a bad idea, but unfortunately I cant concentrate when she's pointing out her tits lol. I had to fuck...

Blonde, Caucasian, Medium Skin

93 %
217222 views - 8 years ago
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